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Dealing With Doggie Anxiety

In addition to learning how to use many different commands, it's important to realize that your dog might become anxious in specific situations. This anxiety can impair the dog's ability to lead a happy life, and it can hinder training.

Some dogs have separation anxiety. They do not like to be apart from their owner. When you are gone, they will participate in destructive behavior. Realize that dogs like to be with other dogs, or people, and do not like to be alone.

Of course, it is not realistic that you are by your dog's side 24 hours a day. It is your goal to make your dog realize that even though you are leaving, you are coming back. Leave and come back very quickly to help your dog used to this. That means standing just outside the door and returning right away. Gradually, you can increase the length of time you are gone until your dog is no longer anxious.

Another tip is to not make a huge deal when you leave. If you take forever petting the dog and cooing over the dog, he will just be more upset when you go. He needs to realize that it is not a huge deal when you leave, because you will be returning. This can be difficult for you to do, especially if you miss your dog, but it is absolutely essential for both of your sake's.

Other dogs might be anxious around certain other dogs or people. There is no simple method to deal with this, as the different circumstances require different methods. No matter what, it is your goal to make sure your dog feels safe and secure, and that you are by his side so there is nothing to fear.

If you are noticing severe anxiety problems, you will want to take your dog to his vet. They might be able to diagnose some underlying issue that you are not seeing. Otherwise, it is a matter of staying on top of it and helping your dog feel as safe and secure as possible. Focus on your exact issue and educate yourself enough to help your dog become less anxious.

This is yet another reminder that your dog is emotionally complex. It is not always easy for you as a dog owner, but it is absolutely necessary for the dog you love.

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